Selebuan Slab
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How to Order

We think a lot about furniture. On this page you see how our thinking becomes designs. We’re not able to show all of what we can do, and have done, here…so let us know if you have a special project in mind. We live for challenges, and we have a full wood, metal and stone shop, so the sky’s the limit…or is it?

To Begin

Please call (707) 257-3676 or email us if you would like to discuss commissioning a piece you have seen on our website, or creating a new design from your imagination or ours.


There is no “standard” in our world. We’re big believers in cutting up paper bags, taping them together, and laying them on the floor to determine size. Probably sounds crazy, but it works, and you get to feel like a kid again! To check height, we use blue painters tape on our shop wall or stack-up cardboard boxes -- and then confirm clearance of any relevant elevators, entries or staircases, before building.

The Business

Through conversation, we get a general sense of what you are interested in commissioning. If you’re nearby, we like to schedule a face-to-face meeting so we may see your space and offer suggestions on design and material choices. If we’re not able to visit in person, we love to see photos.

If it is an existing design, there is no design fee. If it is a new design or significant departure from an existing design, we charge $250 to generate sketches. The design fee is nonrefundable and will be applied to the purchase price of the piece(s).

When the design is finalized, we secure a 50% deposit to initiate the work and agree on a delivery date. Lead times vary based on size and scope of project, so please ask us at the time of order. If material and/or finish samples are needed, we send those to you at no charge. Any changes to the original design are submitted in writing and approved by the client as we proceed. The balance is due upon completion of the piece and prior to shipping.

Note on Slab Pieces

Seems we’ve been doing a lot of “slab” pieces lately. Claro Walnut, Black Acacia, Bastogne, Teak, Redwood, Bubinga... lots of slab wood options. Just like people, each slab has its own unique personality, and it generally tells us whether it wants to be a bench or dining table or console or coffee table. Slabs also come with lots of natural imperfections like worm holes and irregular edges, so we do our best to match you with the best slab for your project. If you want to visit our shop and see the slabs in person, you’re welcome -- if not, we are happy to send photos.

A good place to start in choosing a slab is to first determine the color(s) most important to you, the approximate size (keep in mind, no slab is perfect…) and anything else unique about you/your space. Give us that info and we’ll come back with some ideas.


If convenient, you are welcome to pick-up your piece(s) at our shop -- or we deliver in person in the San Francisco Bay Area for a nominal fee (quoted by project.)

Outside of the Bay Area and nationwide we use Plycon Van Lines, a blanket wrap delivery service. We ask you to pay Plycon directly at the time of delivery, so you may inspect your piece(s) upon delivery before paying for the shipping.

We secure a quote from Plycon, you approve the quote, and it is guaranteed to be at your address within 14 business days. No crate, no packing material, and Plycon’s driver will move the piece(s) around until you are satisfied with the installation.

International shipments are crated and shipped via common carrier, land, sea or air, depending on client’s preferences. Customs fees, taxes and any customs storage fees are the responsibility of the customer. We will provide an estimate of all associated fees for your approval at time of order.